Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I send my gift?

Your gift may be mailed to:
Abramson Cancer Center Development Office
3535 Market Street, Suite 750
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Who should my check be made out to?

Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania

Is there a convenient way for me to make small gifts throughout the year?

The Abramson Cancer Center and the Rena Rowan Breast Center have donation booklets to make gifts at their convenience. Please contact the Development Office and request a gift book by calling (215) 898-0578.

Will I receive an acknowledgement of my gift?

Yes - the Abramson Cancer Center will send you a thank you letter or card and the University of Pennsylvania Treasurer's Office will send you a tax receipt.

Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes - the Abramson Cancer Center is within the University of Pennsylvania. All gifts to the institution are deductible on federal tax returns subject to the limits allowed by the Internal Revenue Service.

What is the Tax Identification Number for the University of Pennsylvania?


Will my family or I receive recognition for our gift?

Donors are recognized in many ways by the Abramson Cancer Center, including thank you letters, plaques, program materials, press release or event. Gift recognition is based on the size of the gift and on the interests of the Abramson Cancer Center and the donor. Please contact the Development Office for further information.