Donor Stories

Rena Rowan Damone and Vic Damone

Rena Rowan Damone and Vic Damone continue their support of Penn's breast cancer programs by funding the relocation of the Rena Rowan Breast Center into the new Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine and including the Center in their estate plans. Mrs. Damone helped set the standard for disease-specific clinics for patient care within the Abramson Cancer Center and beyond. On October 29, 2010, we celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the Rena Rowan Breast Center, and it remains a model for breast cancer care across the nation.

On the night of the Breast Center's 10 year anniversary, Rena Rowan Damone shared:

"The Rena Rowan Breast Center is an endeavor which we consider to be one of our most gratifying accomplishments. The great work performed by Drs. John Glick, Kevin Fox, and their colleagues, as well as all of their staff deserve the greatest degree of credit for the wonderfully growing success of the Breast Center's endeavors. And to all of you we express our deep abiding and heartfelt appreciation. Without the support of so many, we would not have achieved this great success."