Donor Stories

Madlyn and Leonard Abramson

In 1997, the Abramson family's gift of $100 million established the Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute (AFCRI) of the University of Pennsylvania. Madlyn and Leonard's remarkable vision has become the catalyst for growth and international prominence of the Abramson Cancer Center. Their funding supports groundbreaking cancer research as well as complementary services that include nutritional and psychosocial counselors, patient service coordinators and a unique cancer rehabilitation program that help our patients and their families cope as they go through the diagnostic, treatment and recovery stages of cancer.

In 2010, the Abramson Family extended their generosity once again by making a tremendous $25.5 million gift to continue to support basic science and translational research at the AFCRI, which is among the nation's leaders in the development of new ways to diagnose and treat cancer patients. The entire Penn and Greater Philadelphia communities are proud of the philanthropy and leadership of the Abramson Family.

"I was a patient 25 years ago, and had fabulous care. My husband decided that it would be a wonderful thing to try to upgrade cancer care at Penn, and to give everybody's sister, mother, daughter, grandmother the chance to have the kind of care I received."

Our Founding Donors: A thank you to the Abramsons

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