Creating A Named Fund

Another option to memorialize or honor a loved one is to create a named fund at the Abramson Cancer Center. You may establish a named fund with a gift in excess of $25,000 over a 5 year period and direct these resources to a specific cancer research or patient care program. Examples of named funds include:

  • I Have Strength Fund 
  • Paula A. Seidman Breast Cancer Research Fund 
  • Lassin Family Cancer Research Fund 
  • ARP Testicular Cancer Survivorship Fund 
  • Henry S. Gartner Fund for Kidney Cancer Research 
  • Deenie Greitzer Fund for Colon Cancer Research 
  • Kelly Rooney Breast Cancer Research Fund 
  • Stephen J. Schuster MD Lymphoma Research Fund 

In addition to providing you the opportunity to support an area or program you are interested in, creating a named fund allows you and others to continue to make memorial and honor gifts on holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions for years to come, adding to the total amount of philanthropy directed to your chosen area or program. Cards will be printed for your or your family's named fund for you to distribute to friends and associates so that they may join your philanthropic efforts and support the fund.

Please note: The Abramson Cancer Center is within the University of Pennsylvania. All gifts to the institution are deductible on federal tax returns subject to the limits allowed by the Internal Revenue Service. See our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more.