Annual Event 2008

Celebrating Innovations

Abramson Cancer Center Research Report and Annual Reception held on Thursday, May 15, 2008.

Audio from Penn's Abramson Cancer Center hosted Celebrating Innovations

Celebrating Innovations 2008 - Full Audio [84.7 MB]

Opening Remarks, Welcome and Overview [1.0 MB]
Caryn Lerman, PhD

Cancer Risk Evaluation Program: A Multidisciplinary Cancer Gene... [7.5 MB]
Jill Stopfer, MS

Breast Imaging: Emerging Modalities in Cancer Screening [9.7 MB]
Emily Conant, MD

Clinical Integration in Breast Cancer Care [5.4 MB]
Carolyn Mies, MD

Pregnancy-Induced Protection Against Breast Cancer [6.3 MB]
Lewis A. Chodosh, MD, PhD

Melanoma, Prevention & Early Detection: The Pigmented Lesion [5.4 MB]
Michael Ming, MD, MSCE

Lung Cancer: Surgical Perspectives [10.2 MB]
Joel Cooper, MD

Targeted Therapy for Melanoma [14.8 MB]
Keith Flaherty, MD

Radiation Oncology in Lung Cancer [11.5 MB]
Ramesh Rengan, MD

One Breath At A Time: Mindfulness and self-care for cancer patients [7.0 MB]
Michael Baime, MD