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David R. Manning, PhD

Degree and Institution

PhD, University of California at San Diego

Faculty Title

Professor, Pharmacology

Research Expertise

The major focus of the laboratory is the process by which the binding of hormones to cell-surface receptors is translated into the regulation of target enzymes and ion channels. The laboratory is specifically interested in pathways defined by GTP-binding regulatory proteins (G proteins). Current studies include mapping linkages among receptors and G proteins in intact cells, defining post-translational modifications of G protein subunits that influence targeting and protein-protein interactions, exploring the roles of novel G proteins, and defining connections between G proteins and various transcription factors. The context of greatest interest is cell proliferation and differentiation. Pathways receiving the greatest attention currently are those used by lysophosphatidic acid, sphingosine 1-phosphate, and thromboxane A2.


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