Tracey Birnhak Nutritional Counseling Program

About our Physicians/Staff

The Cancer Center's dietitians

  • Assess individual nutritional status.
  • Review personal nutrition practices.
  • Provide advice on diet and nutrition therapies
  • Offer suggestions on improving nutrition.
  • Help you create an individualized nutrition plan that can be easily built-in to your life. Nutrition recommendations are based on the patient's type of cancer, medical history, personal preferences, treatment plan, and the presence of side effects.
  • Provide information on alternative approaches to nutrition, such as supplements, herbal therapies and alternative diet regimens.

The make an appointment with the Abramson Cancer Center's Nutritional Counseling Program, call 215-615-0534.

Audrey Caspar-Clark, MA, RD, LDN is a Clinical Dietitian Specialist with more than 7 years of experience working with a wide variety of oncology patients and is board certified as a specialist in oncology nutrition. She also has a degree in culinary arts and is interested in preparing local and sustainably produced foods as part of a healthy and enjoyable diet.

Katrina Claghorn, MS, RD, CSO, LDN is the Advanced Practice Clinical Dietitian Specialist at the Abramson Cancer Center at Penn Medicine. She is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and is Board Certified in Oncology Nutrition. Katrina has practiced in clinical dietetics for 20 years and has specialized in oncology nutrition for over ten years. She developed the nutrition counseling program at the Abramson Cancer Center where she works with both Radiation Oncology and Medical Oncology patients. Over the years, she has overseen the nutritional care for all cancer types, but she now specializes in head and neck and lung cancers. Her practice also includes wellness nutrition, complementary and alternative nutrition therapies, and weight loss counseling and she completed the Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Karen Wagner, MS, RD is a Clinical Dietitian Specialist for the Abramson Cancer Center. Prior to specializing in oncology, Karen worked with a wide variety of patients in both hospitals and clinics. She has particular expertise in conducting nutrition and cooking classes. She has been with the Cancer Center since June of 2006.

Valaree Williams, MS, RD, LDN is a Clinical Dietitian Specialist with more than 5 years of experience working with oncology patients. Prior to specializing in oncology nutrition, she worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings as well as in roles regarding quality improvement and clinical nutrition management.

Registered Dietitians

Audrey Caspar-Clark, RD, LDN, CSO
Katrina Claghorn, MS, RD, LDN
Valaree M. Williams, MS, RD, LDN