Melanoma and Pigmented Lesions

Team Approach

Our multidisciplinary team includes specialists in: dermatology, medical oncology, surgical oncology, radiation oncology, plastic surgery, head and neck surgery, psychosocial oncology, pathology, dermatopathology and epidemiology.

Other members of the team include nurses who are specially trained and experienced in helping people concerned about melanoma and a full-time medical photographer, who brings skill and sensitivity to photographing patients' skin. Photographs are often an important way to monitor changes in mole patterns over time.

Many of these individuals will be in the Pigmented Lesions/Melanoma Practice during your visit. You may only see one or more of them during a particular visit, but there will be the appropriate level of discussion among the different specialties throughout your care. Members of your team will be selected based on your needs and will work with your personal physician, as requested.