Breast Cancer / Rena Rowan Center

Abramson Cancer Center breast cancer clinicians and researchers have led the way nationally for years in breast cancer care and research. By putting our experience to work we offer the best possible treatment outcomes.

Rena Rowan Damone an internationally recognized fashion designer and businesswoman, inspired the Rena Rowan Breast Center and continues to be an advocate for breast cancer awareness.

If diagnosed with breast cancer, or concerned about breast cancer, it's important to have the best team of experts.

Penn's Multidisciplinary Rena Rowan Breast Center has individuals nationally recognized for their expertise. They can provide the information, care and support to help each step of the way.

We offer the latest diagnostic and treatment advances for all types of breast cancer including:

  • Primary Breast Cancer
  • Invasive or infiltrating ductal carcinoma
  • Invasive or infiltrating lobular carcinoma
  • Noninvasive ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS)
  • Invasive Carcinoma of any pathologic type
  • Metastatic Breast Cancer
  • Inflammatory Breast Cancer

For those concerned about their risk of breast cancer

Penn's Cancer Risk Evaluation Program is designed for those who want information about their personal risk for breast cancer.

Penn's Breast Cancer Research Program is one of the few programs of its kind approved and funded by the National Cancer Institute. Everyday our scientists conduct research that leads us closer to learning the causes of breast cancer and to developing new treatments.

The knowledge gained through our research allows us to better care for those with or at risk for breast cancer.

To learn about what sets us apart, visit:

Survivor Stories

Todd Sheridan

Todd Sheridan's family members have always supported his love of hockey and were his biggest fan when his team won the Junior A National Championship. They again showed their deep devotion by bringing him to Penn for the best possible cancer care. Todd's physician at Penn diagnosed cancer of the tongue and neck, which had spread to his lymph nodes. A possible side effect raised by his physicians was nerve damage in his right arm, limiting the motion in his arm. Gregory Weinstein, M.D., his surgeon at Penn, performed the detailed surgery and was able to avoid that outcome. Three weeks after surgery, Todd was not only doing push-ups, but was practicing with his hockey team in Ontari. But his journey didn't end there. As a survivor, Todd talks personally about how cancer has had an impact on his life and how he was able to combine his experience and passions to benefit his community.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are studies to find new ways to prevent, detect and treat cancer. The purpose of each clinical trial is to answer a specific question. Our physicians carefully design these studies to find new ways to improve care and quality of life ... more about clinical trials