Brain and Spinal Cord Tumors Program

About our Physicians/Staff

National Expertise in Diagnosing and Treating Brain and Spinal Cord Tumors

Your Neuro-Oncology physicians are full-time Penn faculty, who have dedicated their clinical and research careers to improving our ability to diagnose and treat brain and spinal cord tumors.

They are relentless in the pursuit of the very best clinical outcome and quality of life for each patient treated.


Penn neuro-oncologists have extensive experience in brain and spinal cord tumors treatment and research. These specialists are actively involved in planning your overall treatment. If you need chemotherapy, they'll oversee this aspect of your care.

Arati Desai, MD, MAS
David M. Mintzer, MD
Amy A. Pruitt, MD
Arthur P. Staddon, MD


Penn neuropsychologists are doctors of psychology who specialize in the brain and its functions. They are experts in evaluating and developing interventions related to the brain's capacity for short and long term memory, reasoning, attention, concentration, executive functioning, motor skills and other cognitive and psychological factors.

Carol L. Armstrong, PhD


Penn Neuroradiologists are among the nation’s leading experts in the field of neuroradiology. Our neuroradioligists perform state-of-the-art imaging including MR spectroscopy for the study of brain tumors, MR and CT perfusion imaging for brain tumors, and high quality MR and CT angiography.

Robert Hurst, MD


Penn's Neurosurgeons are nationally recognized experts utilizing a subspecialty-oriented approach, where each neurosurgeon has a high degree of expertise within a particular subset of disorders.. These physicians are expert in providing surgical evaluation and interventions to remove as much of the tumor as possible while preserving function.

Steven Brem, MD
M. Sean Grady, MD
Peter LeRoux, MD, FACS
Donald M. O'Rourke, MD
Eric L. Zager, MD

Radiation Oncology

If radiation therapy is recommended, you'll receive a consultation with a Penn radiation oncologist who is a leader in the management of central nervous system tumors. They're recognized for techniques that target radiation precisely to the tumor site while sparing normal tissue.

Michelle Alonso-Basanta, MD, PhD
Jay F. Dorsey, MD, PhD
Robert A. Lustig, MD