Finding a Doctor

Patients with Non Small Cell Lung Cancer will be cared for by doctors from our Non Small Cell Lung Cancer team.

About Our Physicians and Researchers

National Expertise in Diagnosing and Treating

Your Non Small Cell Lung Cancer physicians are full-time Penn faculty who have dedicated their clinical and research careers to improving our ability to diagnose and treat.

They are relentless in the pursuit of the very best clinical outcome and quality of life for each patient treated.


Penn hematologists-oncologists have extensive experience in lung cancer and related disorders treatment and research. These specialists are actively involved in planning your overall treatment. They’ll work closely with your thoracic surgeon or other members of your team to plan your overall treatment and monitor your progress throughout the course of treatment. If you need chemotherapy, they'll oversee this aspect of your care.

Kenneth M. Algazy, MD
Evan W. Alley, MD, PhD
Christine Ciunci, MD
Roger B. Cohen, MD
Tracy S. d'Entremont, MD
Tracey Evans, MD
Corey J. Langer, MD
Vijay G.R. Peddareddigari, MBBS, MD

Integrative Medicine and Wellness

These clinicians have received advanced training and are experts in using integrative approaches that complement the care provided by your oncologists. They can provide advice on these approaches and work with you to integrate these therapies into your daily life.

Jun J. Mao, MD, MSCE

Interventional Pulmonology

Andrew Haas, MD
Anil Vachani, MD

Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Pulmonologists are physicians who are expert in diagnosing lung diseases.

Steven M. Albelda, MD
Joel L. Deitz, MD
Michael A. Grippi, MD
John Hansen-Flaschen, MD
Robert M. Kotloff, MD
Paul Lanken, MD
Scott Manaker, MD, PhD
Reynold A. Panettieri Jr., MD
Milton D. Rossman, MD
Morris Swartz, MD

Radiation Oncology

If radiation therapy is recommend, your pulmonologist will arrange a consultation with a radiation oncologist. Penn radiation oncologists are recognized leaders in the use of techniques that target radiation precisely to the tumor site while sparing normal tissue.

Abigail T. Berman, MD
Keith A. Cengel, MD, PhD
Eli Glatstein, MD
William Levin, MD
Joshua Mondschein, MD
Charles B. Simone II, MD


Radiologists are experts in diagnosing disease through the use of x-rays and other imaging techniques such as scans and ultrasound.

Judith M. Aronchick, MD
Warren B. Gefter, MD
Sharyn I. Katz, MD
Wallace T. Miller, Jr, MD
Wallace T. Miller, Sr, MD
Drew Torigian, MD, MA

Thoracic Surgery

Thoracic surgeons or thoracic oncologists are surgeons who have advanced training in treating lung cancer through procedures that remove cancerous tissue.

Joel D. Cooper, MD
John C. Kucharczuk, MD
Taine Pechet, MD
Sunil Singhal, MD