Anal Cancer Treatment

Anal Cancer Treatment

Following the diagnosis and staging of anal cancer, cancer specialists at Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center develop a personalized treatment plan.

Anal margin cancer, otherwise known as “perianal cancer” is treated with surgery to remove the growth.

Anal canal cancer is usually treated with a combination of chemotherapy and radiation.  Surgery is rarely needed in cases of anal canal cancer. 

In all cases of anal cancer, Penn cancer specialists are committed to doing everything they can to conserve the anus and anal tissue.

Penn’s treatment options for anal margin cancer include:

  • Surgery
    • Local resection

Penn’s treatment options for anal canal cancer include:

  • Radiation therapy
    • 3-D conformal radiation
    • Intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT)
    • Volumetric-modulated arc therapy (VMAT)
    • Proton therapy
  • Chemotherapy and biologic therapies
  • Surgery
    • Local resection

Other possible treatment options for anal margin and canal cancer include:

  • Clinical trials
  • Other treatments
    • Integrative medicine and wellness
    • Palliative care
    • Penn Home Care and Hospice

Because navigating a cancer diagnosis and treatment options can be difficult, patients who wish to connect with a cancer specialist at Penn Medicine can speak with a cancer nurse, who can help them make an appointment with the right physician.

To connect with a cancer nurse at Penn Medicine, patients should call 800-789-PENN (7366).