Chi Dang, MD, PhD - Director

Touching Lives Around the World

Chi Van Dang, MD, PhD

It is thrilling to be on Penn's campus and serve as the new director of the Abramson Cancer Center. When I think about the lives that are affected each day by the Abramson Cancer Center, I am overwhelmed. I am also struck by the level of commitment to our mission that I see here. It's a commitment that encompasses the work we do, the relationships between our staff members, and the compassionate care we extend to our patients and their loved ones. And it's a commitment I see from everyone I encounter, from physicians, nurses, and physical therapists to social workers, nutritionists, and care coordinators.

The connections between the Abramson Cancer Center and the community we serve extend outward into the lives of cancer patients around the world. The impact of our work is a responsibility we think about every day as we continue to improve the ways we prevent, diagnose, and treat this devastating disease.

Translational Centers of Excellence

The future of cancer care at the Abramson Cancer Center lies in the creation of Translational Centers of Excellence (TCEs) that include intimately connected disease-specific care teams.

By linking scientists, clinicians, clinical investigators, nurses, geneticists, and researchers, these TCEs will allow the ongoing delivery of state-of-the-art therapies and care. Interdisciplinary TCEs will provide the highest standards of care as well as the latest experimental therapy based on research with tangible measures of outcome.

Everyone who chooses the Abramson Cancer Center expects the best from us. They expect outstanding care and they expect HOPE. And that's exactly what we'll give them. I always remind myself that the patient is waiting, and I look forward to being a part of the Abramson Cancer Center as we continue to provide the patient waiting in our own clinics and around the world with hope, compassion, and technologies that improve their well-being.

Chi Van Dang, MD, PhD
Director, Abramson Cancer Center