Basser Center for BRCA

Basser-Funded Studies

Timothy Rebbeck, PhD

Timothy Rebbeck, PhD has been awarded funding to study factors that modify BRCA1/2-associated cancer risks such as reproductive history, exposures, and modifying genes in underrepresented populations.

The Basser Center for BRCA provides grant funding to investigators working on projects relevant to BRCA1 and BRCA2.

The Basser Center infuses powerful resources to support cancer research at every stage, including research on:

  • Communication about BRCA & Risk Assessment
  • Cancer Risk Reduction and Prevention
  • Early Detection
  • Treatment- Cancer Therapy Targets & Predictors of Response to Therapy
  • Survivorship

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Clinical Research Trials and Observational Studies

The Basser Center also collaborates on a wide range of clinical research trials and observational research studies that are actively recruiting participants. Click here to learn more about open studies.