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About Our Program

Knowledge about the presence of genetic risk for cancer can provide important, sometimes life-saving options:

  • Cancer risk can be reduced
  • Specialized screening can often detect cancer at early and curable stages

At Penn’s Breast and Ovarian Cancer Risk Evaluation Program, those with genetic
risk for cancer are offered specialized follow up at earlier ages, and do not follow the same guidelines offered to the general population.

As leading experts in the diagnosis and management of genetic risk for breast and ovarian cancer, our multidisciplinary team can coordinate care for those with known or suspected genetic risk.

To Contact Us

Call 215.349.9093 to talk with a New Patient Coordinator

What to Expect

  • In order to offer you a thorough evaluation, we will first need to obtain detailed information about your family history of cancer, as well as your medical history.
  • Once you have talked with a New Patient Coordinator, we will mail questionnaires to complete and return to us. These forms can also be sent by email.
  • Once the information has been received and reviewed, our coordinator will contact you regarding your appointment.

Those considering genetic testing will have two appointments scheduled — one with a genetic counselor to assess risk and arrange genetic testing if indicated, and a second appointment with a medical oncologist for results, an examination and medical recommendations.

Opportunity to Participate in Prevention, Detection & Treatment Trials

The Cancer Risk Evaluation Program offers clinical services, as well as opportunities to participate in research and clinical trials. Penn investigators have published some of the leading research in this field, and continue to study the issue of inherited risk for cancer.

This work is focused on the basic biology of cancer, as well as trying to determine the best way to provide care to those with genetic risk. Clinical trials allow doctors to evaluate promising new methods of cancer prevention, detection and treatment.
examination and medical recommendations.

Some individuals seek consultation with the Cancer Risk Evaluation Program after having genetic testing elsewhere. Consultations of this type are welcome for those seeking a second opinion, as well as for those seeking long term follow-up care.

Following your evaluation, you will receive a detailed report outlining your risk
assessment, genetic testing results and medical recommendations. We will assist you as needed in arranging your follow-up care.

Payment for Services

The Cancer Risk Evaluation Program is a billable, clinical service. Most insurers cover this service.

Any genetic testing is billed separately, and we will assist you in obtaining information
about your coverage for this testing and any possible out of pocket expense. Visits related to participation in research studies are free.

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